What Is Nomex In F1

What Is Nomex In F1?

Nomex is an artificial fire-resistant fiber used to make F1 driver’s overalls, gloves, underwear, and boots. This material is an engineering piece of wonder designed to ensure the safety of the driver.  It is a type of heat-resistant and flame-retardant material made from a type of synthetic polymer called meta-aramid. It was developed by DuPont

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F1 Car Monocoque

F1 Car Monocoque

F1 Monocoque is the survival cell designed to protect drivers in the event of a crash or clash on the race track. The term “monocoque” comes from a French word for “single shell”.  Single shell because the entire structural load of the car is supported by an internal framework, and not by a separate frame.

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Marshalls Of F1!

Marshalls Of F1!

Marshals are a group of volunteers wearing orange overalls and helping complete a race smoothly. There are different types of marshalls in F1 races and their role on the track varies.  Trackside marshalls, flag marshalls, pit marshalls, startline marshalls, paddock marshalls, and administrative marshalls are the types of marshals now. Marshalls usually don’t get paid

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What Is Kevlar In F1 Cars

What Is Kevlar In F1 Cars?

Kevlar is a high-strength, lightweight material used to make Formula 1 car. This material is known for its superior strength-to-weight ratio. It is specially used in cockpits and survival cells to protect the driver in crash events.  This synthetic fiber is five times stronger than steel but more lightweight and flexible. It is made from

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