What is das system in f1?

What is das system in f1

The DAS system, which stood for Dual Axis Steering, was an innovative steering system used by the Mercedes Formula 1 team in the 2020 season. It was banned from the 2021 season onwards due to regulation changes.

Here’s a breakdown of what DAS was and how it worked:


  • DAS allowed the driver to adjust the toe angle of the front wheels by pushing and pulling on the steering wheel along its longitudinal axis.
  • This meant the wheels could move slightly closer or further apart at the front, impacting various aspects of car performance.


  • Tire temperature management: In straights, pushing the wheel in would decrease toe angle, making the tires run straighter and reducing wear. This helped preserve tire life for later in the race.
  • Cornering performance: In corners, pulling the wheel in would increase toe angle, providing more “bite” for better turn-in and stability.
  • Aero benefits: Some speculated that DAS might have influenced the front wing’s angle slightly, offering potential aerodynamic advantages.


  • The legality of DAS was initially challenged by Red Bull due to concerns about its compliance with suspension regulations.
  • Ultimately, the stewards ruled in favor of Mercedes, deeming DAS legal.

Overall, DAS was a clever and innovative technical solution that offered performance advantages. However, its complexity and potential for creating an unfair advantage led to its ban, highlighting the constant balancing act of innovation and fair competition in F1.

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