Developing The Granatelli Race Cars

Using images and technical drawings from the World of Speed Archive’s Granatelli Collection, volunteer Tom Stycznski elaborates on his volunteer talk presentation covering Andy and his development of race cars starting with his early years in Chicago, building Grancor and the Hurricane Hot Rod Association along with his early years in race promotion. Learn about …

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A Tale Of Two Rose City Speedways

By Sara Paulson, Associate Archivist An amusing (and confusing) conversation could be overheard in the Archive the other day. It went something like this: “You know the Rose City Speedway?” “Yeah, the one that closed?” “Yeah. You know, the golf course one?” “Hmm, maybe…you mean Portland Speedway?” “Rose City Speedway was Portland Speedway? But I …

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American Muscle Cars

ENDING DECEMBER 31! FOR ONE GLORIOUS DECADE, THEY WERE KINGS. Pontiac Chief Engineer John DeLorean gambled and swung for the fences when he decided to put a large engine in a mid-size car, but the Pontiac GTO was a home run indeed. Others followed: the Mustang, the Camaro, Trans Ams and Cougars and ‘Cudas. The …

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Mario Andretti: Racing Royalty

On March 23, World of Speed Motorsports Museum will unveil the new exhibit, Mario Andretti: Racing Royalty, honoring the most successful American race car driver of all time. The feature exhibit aligns with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of his Pike’s Peak and Indianapolis 500 race wins, as well as his success across five decades …

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Ferrari Through The Decades

A MODEL CAR GUIDE TO FERRARI’S RACING & PRODUCTION VEHICLES 1950S Having just built its first production car in 1947, Ferrari breaks out the Gran Turismo, introducing the America, Europa, and Mexico, as well as the California and Berlinetta editions. Meanwhile on the track, Ferrari’s racing prototypes land on the Testa Rossa, providing Ferrari’s first …

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