The Scarab

After the Second World War, the sun rose on a world where factories that had formerly churned out warplanes were making automobiles, a world where military airstrips were becoming raceway circuits. From the Nürburgring to Indianapolis, racing was back. The new Formula 1 race series was dominated by European car makers, like Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, and Maserati.

This is the story of a handsome young playboy, heir to a fortune, who wanted to achieve something mere money couldn’t buy. This is the story of ambitious American designers who knew they could compete with old-world titans. This is the story of scrappy drivers who challenged rivals — and themselves — on race courses from Riverside, California, to Silverstone, England. This is the story of one incredible year of racing. This is the story of the first American-made Formula 1 race car.


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