What Is Halo In F1 Cars?

What Is Halo In F1 Cars

The Halo is a safety device used in F1 racing that sits on top of the cockpit of the car, wrapping around the driver’s head. It is made of a wishbone-shaped titanium bar and is designed to withstand the weight of 12 tonnes, while only weighing 7 kg. 

The Halo was first tested in F1 in 2016 and became mandatory in 2018 to protect drivers’ heads from flying debris or car flipping. After extensive research, the Halo was found to be the only device that could successfully deflect a wheel fired at it at 150 mph, while also providing a largely unobstructed view for the driver.

At first, people were not on board with this safety device in the cockpit but now it has become a lifesaver. For example, it saved F1 driver Zhou Guanyu’s life after his car flipped over multiple times at the British Grand Prix last year.

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