Will W14 Be “Haunted by Ghost” In The Real World?

Merc W14

After the W13 dilemmas in 2022, Mercedez sure looks ready to race in 2023 with their first W14 video. 

Video link:  https://www.mercedesamgf1.com/en/news/2022/12/w14-fire-up-first-words-firing-up-2023-mercedes-amg-f1-car/

W13 had some unique attributes that did not work well on circuits. Lewis Hamilton recently said he felt like a ghost was in the car. W13 had serious troubles with porpoising. 

Despite all that Mercedez AMG F1 team is the first to unveil their W14 video before Christmas. Fans hope that this year the engineers and F1 team would perform better in the real track.

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