Overcut, Undercut in F1!

overcut and undercut F1 races

In formula 1 races, overcut and undercut are two different pit stop strategies. The undercut is when a driver makes a pit stop before other cars to get a fresh set of tires. With these tires, the driver expects to go faster than others. 

On the other hand, an overcut is when a driver takes a pit stop later than others. This strategy is used when undercutting won’t work to pass a competitor. Overcut is done with the hope that fresh tires will make them faster when they eventually go for a pit stop. 

Overcutting allows a driver to stay out on track for longer on older tires. This strategy is employed if the tires are not degrading quickly. This way the driver can maintain a faster speed than the cars that performed undercut. 

Overcut and undercut, both strategies can be effective, depending on factors like track condition, tire properties, and overall team strategy. Teams will often use a combination of both strategies during a race.

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