Volunteer Spotlight: Ken Rice

December Volunteer Spotlight – Ken Rice

Position(s): Sim Operator

Volunteering since: May 2015

Q: When and how did you become a motorsports enthusiast?

I have always been a car guy. As a child I remember watching auto racing with my father. Working on cars with my father. I always liked mechanical things.

Q: What kind of influence has that had on your life?

Cars and working on cars is something my friends and I have in common. Working with my hands using tools, solving problems, becomes part of who you are.

Q: What makes volunteering at World of Speed meaningful to you?

When I started it was the cars, but now it is the people. I enjoy talking to our guests and look forward to seeing the other volunteers each week.

Q: What is the most memorable experience of your time volunteering?

Helping a legally blind lady drive the NASCAR sim. She had never driven a car before, and she really enjoyed the experience of driving.

Q: What do you wish other people knew about World of Speed?

The education that we are doing. The partnership with the schools is so important.

Q: If you could choose any vehicle to be displayed in the museum, what would it be?

Tough question, there are so many that we have already had. I have always been a Don Garlits fan. So some of the “Swamp rat” cars.

Q: What is your dream car? 1968 Dodge Daytona / Plymouth supper bird. I remember as a child when those cars came out, the giant wing on the back, the ugly colors I thought that is COOL

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