What Is Kevlar In F1 Cars

What Is Kevlar In F1 Cars?

Kevlar is a high-strength, lightweight material used to make Formula 1 car. This material is known for its superior strength-to-weight ratio. It is specially used in cockpits and survival cells to protect the driver in crash events.  This synthetic fiber is five times stronger than steel but more lightweight and flexible. It is made from …

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Jumpstart In The F1 Race

Jumpstart In The F1 Race!

Jumpstart in F1 is when a driver starts the race before the official start signal. This is considered a violation of the rules and can result in a penalty. The penalty can be either a time penalty or a drive-through penalty. The penalty is given to ensure a fair start for all drivers. During a …

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Headrest In F1 Cars

Headrest In F1 Cars!

A headrest is a part of the F1 car that reduces the amount of shock by absorbing impact force during a clash. This is a safety device designed to protect the driver’s head from strain.  This device is usually made of carbon fiber due to its enhanced properties like the ability to absorb shock and …

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What Is Car Handling

What Is Car Handling?

Handling is your vehicle’s ability to respond to drivers’ inputs while maintaining stability and control during turning. A car with good handling can navigate corners or turns at higher speeds and is less likely to lose control in sudden changes.  The car’s suspension, which connects the wheels to the car and allows them to move …

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HANS in F1

HANS in F1!

HANS is a Head and Neck support device that every driver needs to wear since 2003 to protect their head and neck during a crash. This device is supported at the back of a driver’s helmet and prevents excessive movement during a collision.  It was invented in the mid-1980s by Dr. Bob Hubbard, a biomechanical …

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What Is Grip

What Is Grip?

Grip, also referred to as traction, is the ability of a vehicle’s tires to maintain contact with the road surface. It is determined by the level of interaction between the tire’s molecules and the road at the point of contact.  The amount of grip can be affected by the type of tire, the tread’s condition, …

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