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Welcome to World of Speed; an automotive educational site with content ranging from industry analysis, trending news to vintage archives built on the ashes of a motorsports museum. 

Brief Introduction of WOS

World of Speed is an online blog transitioning into a virtual museum that celebrates the history and evolution of land speed racing.

Our online exhibition features a wide range of artifacts, documents, and multimedia materials that tell the story of land speed racing. Our team is made up of passionate enthusiasts and experts who are dedicated to serve the wider community. 

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Our Sections

Take some time to meet the major sections of the new World of Speed


News Section

In the News section, we cover auto shows, Industry news, Race news, and Driver news. We deliver the latest updates of automotive and racing industry where you can learn about different competitors and their innovations.

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The Blog Section

Our blog section here contains informative articles about ranging from engine comparison to the history of a certain breed of car. These blogs will entertain your need for an in-depth analysis.

Mission of World of Speed

Our mission at World of Speed is to be the premier source of automotive information.

We want to feature authentic auto blogs, race news, and in-depth analysis on a wide range of motorsports disciplines. We aim to deliver comprehensive coverage of issues such as diversity and inclusion in motorsports, and to provide a platform for discussing the role of women and other underrepresented groups in the world of racing.

In addition to our online content, we will also host a virtual reality museum that allows visitors to experience the thrill of historic land races and explore a vast collection of vintage and modern day race vehicles. Through our museum and educational programs, we hope to inspire the next generation of motorsports enthusiasts and to preserve the rich history of this exciting sport. 

In the upcoming days our goal would be to upload the museum collection to our digital archive.


World of speed aspires to be the primary source of auto news, industry information, and in-depth analysis. It will contain a VR museum of vintage race vehicles, and users can get a first-hand experience of historic races, whether it’s formula 1, Indycar, or Drag race virtually. 

As the motorsports industry is changing, the world of speed wants to be a source of an accurate analysis of the industry. For example, when mainstream manufacturers are moving towards EVs, the world of speed aspires to be the voice of reason during these transition periods. 

World of speed will be a go-to spot for researchers and automakers to find authentic information and unbiased opinion pieces. It will be the prime spot for vehicle owners to review the different technological aspects of their cars. 

Needless to say, the motorsport industry now is not as diverse as it should be nor does it promote climate consciousness. For example, Formula E already lost major investors and people are still pouring money into F1. World of speed strives to promote positive change within the auto racing industry, including equality and climate consciousness.

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