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The Rebirth of World of Speed Museum

World of speed, previously a non-profit educational motorsport museum 
Displaying all sorts of race vehicles, 
Is now transitioning to a fully VR motorsport museum. 

History of World of Speed Museum

World of Speed museum was opened in 2015 by David Bany, a local in Wilsonville, Oregon. It had a huge archive of vintage race vehicles ranging from cars and boats to motorcycles. 

World of Speed museum featured race cars, boats, and motorcycles in exhibitions such as Daytona Banking Wall, Women in Racing, and History of Northwest Drag Racing. 

After the death of David in 2018, his wife Sally Bany took over the non-profit. However, under the direction of Sally the museum started thriving even more.

This museum had Simulators where a race car enthusiast could taste the thrill of formula, Indy, Drag race, etc. It was a place where motorsport enthusiasts could connect and marvel at the vintage race technology. 

The founder of the world of speed museum wanted an interactive community space, so an automotive learning center was opened. Students and volunteers from high schools had regular visits where they could attend classes on automotive 101 and hands-on maintenance. 

After the museum was shut down during the lockdown in 2020, the website world of speed switched to an automotive blog and race news site. 

What Happened to the
World of Speed Museum?

world of speed closing

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, it was shut down temporarily. The lockdown restrictions in Oregon meant the museum would fall under phase 2 or 3 of the opening schedule.

Since the re-opening was scheduled for 2021, the board members voted for the permanent closure of the museum. This incredible museum ran for five years and was a pride for the local community. 


What's Happening Now at World of Speed?

In October 2022, the World of Speed saw a new vision. It set its ambition to become a VR museum. This concept was inspired by the other world famous museums such as the British Museum and the Louvre Museum. 

In simpler words, World of Speed is now in transition to becoming a fully VR museum. In the meantime, it will continue to be a source of automotive knowledge and motorsport news for enthusiasts. 

For starters we’re slowly uploading the contents of the physical museum into the website as blog articles. From here we can slowly move intot he VR museum approach.  

Apart from that, here we’ll feature race news from Formula 1, Indy 500, NASCAR, Drag Racing, Extreme E, Formula E, etc races. Auto shows and news connected to drivers and teams can also be found here. 

The VR museum will enable users to travel through time and interact with classic race cars, motorcycles and boats. Users can also participate in a formula, indy, or NASCAR race using their chosen vehicle. 

Is this Venture Open to Mass Contribution?

We’d be happy to accept any sorts of contribution here. If anyone shows interest in our project we offer two types of collaboration opportunities. 

Firstly, we’re actively looking for funding from Venture Captialists and Angel Investors. Crowdfunding can also be an option but in that case we cannot offer any stocks. 

Secondly, we’re looking for people who can contribute with their knowledge. Making the whole museum available online is a humongous task. And so, if you’re someone who has certified automotive knowledge and who has a passion for speed; we’d love to have you onboard as a contributor. 

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