From Moonshine To Nascar

From Moonshine to NASCAR: HOW THE PROHIBITION LEAD TO STOCK CAR RACING MOONSHINE & BOOTLEGGERS Made in the cover of night to prevent the detection of smoke rising from clandestine stills earned the alcohol its name: moonshine. The high-proof distilled spirit produced illicitly, moonshine exploded in popularity when the 18th Amendment of the US Constitution […]

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Bsa Racer Gene Thiessen

Gene Thiessen was a motorcycle racer from Eugene, OR who raced in the 1950s for the motorcycle company BSA, including the Daytona 200 and Nationals, along with multiple regional races, and stacked up land speed records. A binder was recently donated to the World of Speed Archive with a collection of photocopied articles, photos and

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Mickey Thompson Attempt

Having successfully set a number of national and international records in his Assault I dragster at March AFB on May 14, 1960, Mickey Thompson returned on July 9 the following year with a fleet of cars. His intention: to break as many records as he could on the 8,000-foot runway in the day he had

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