Volunteer Spotlight: Bob Alton

Name: Bob Alton

Volunteer Position(s): Docent

I started volunteering in: 2017

Q: When and how did you become a motorsports enthusiast?

A: I was about 10 when I first built my first Soap Box Derby car.  Placed second in the Inland Empire.

Q: What kind of influence has that had on your life?

A: For several years we built coaster of all sorts, complete with windows, brakes etc.

Then we built hot rods.

Went to Oregon State and took Automotive Engineering. Did not want to go to Detroit to work in the Automotive industry so I moved to the Paper Industry.

Q: What makes volunteering at World of Speed meaningful to you?

A: Seeing and learning about all the special cars.  Every day is a learning experience.

Q: What is the most memorable experience of your time volunteering?

A: Running the simulators for folks late after a party when most of the folks had had too much to drink.

Q: What do you wish other people knew about World of Speed?

A: It’s not just cars it’s special cars.  Most are hand built cars to go fast.

Q: If you could choose any vehicle to be displayed in the museum, what would it be?

A: Formula 1 cars and engines.   More stuff on engine development. 

Q: What is your dream car?

A: 1972 Corvette

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