So, Elon Musk Was Wrong About Yoke!

Elon Musk Was Wrong About Yoke

Tesla has finally caved in and made Yoke optional after one and half-year. The company is now offering a round wheel for Model S and X and for existing yoke customers, retrofit costs $700. The Yoke wasn’t massively popular with users and some news outlets called Yoke a joke after this move by Tesla.

This return to regular steering wheels is a surprise since Musk tweeted in 2021 that there is no chance a traditional steering wheel will be back. This new steering wheel does not have stalks to control windshield wipers, blinkers, and gear changes. 

There will be capacitive buttons and controller balls to control those actions now. For this reason, many owners choosing not to switch. Some are tweeting saying “paying $700 for a traditional steering for your $100k car is insane.”

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