Happy Birthday, Sir Lewis Hamilton!

World Champion

Seven times World Champion, the GOAT, Sir Lewis Hamilton turns 38 today. He is one of the most popular F1 drivers of all time. The British champion is often said to be bigger than the sport due to his activism.

Sir Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton started racing when he was just eight years old. Since then he has been winning and breaking records with the likes of Micheal Schumacher. In 2008, Hamilton became the first black driver to win the F1 championship.

Since it’s his birthday, he’s been trending on Twitter and fans are reminiscing his best moments. One fan wrote, “lewis hamilton is the driver that terrifies FIA to the point that rules are created to stop him .” Some say, “He is the Cristiano Ronaldo of F1. A system rigged to stop him, but he eventually breaks through against all odds.”

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