Volunteer Spotlight: Marv Garland

Q: When and how did you become a motorsports enthusiast?

I had an interest in cars since before I was legally able to drive. In my high school years, guys were building hot-rods using chopped Model As with flathead motors. I then progressed into the “muscle car” age and continued my interest.  

Although I didn’t attend a lot of races, I did follow them on radio, TV, and in the news. 

Although my skills don’t match my interest, I consider myself a “gearhead.”  

Q: What kind of influence has that had on your life?

It has been mostly in the form of a hobby that diverted my mind from the rigors of a high-stress professional career.  

Q: What do you enjoy about volunteering at World of Speed?

I enjoy mostly the interaction with guests who come to the museum. I also enjoy continuing my learning about motor sports, and all automobiles.  

Q: If you could choose a vehicle to be displayed in the museum, what would it be?

It would be more a category of vehicles — including high powered and interesting street machines much like the current “American Muscle Cars” display.  

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