Flags of F1

Flags of F1
A single yellow flag means hazard on track so reduce speed. However, a double yellow flag means major speed reduction or stop because a hazard is blocking the track 
Green flag means everything is ok now and normal racing conditions apply.
Session is suspended and drivers have to go back to the pitlane. Overtaking at this stage is pointless since drivers will resume the race from the point they were in when the red flag was waved. 
A faster car is approaching and backmarkers must move aside. Drivers who ignore the blue flag consistently might get a penalty. 
This flag is held at still not waved to let the drivers know that the Track is slippery.
A driver has a mechanical issue and must return to the pits. This flag is shown to keep the drivers safe. 
Warning for unsportsmanlike behavior and if the driver ignores the warning, then he gets a penalty. 
Disqualification. So the driver can’t participate in that session. This is extremely rare in F1 races. 
Slower moving vehicles ahead. For example, a medical car or service vehicle. 
The session is finished and a winner is revealed. 

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