How Zhou Guanyu Handled Racism By “Talking On The Track”

Chinese Formula 1 driver

The first-ever Chinese Formula 1 driver, Zhou Guanyu, was a target of hate and racism when Alfa Romeo appointed him. Many claimed he was only chosen due to associated sponsorship and even called him a pay driver. 

Recently Zhou Guanyu spoke out on this issue, saying, “When I was announced, a lot of people who don’t know me tried to judge me based on my nationality. So it’s not the nicest thing to have when you’re fighting for your dream.” 

So far, this 23-year-old has entered 22 Grand Prix, and his first point in Bahrain was a big deal for him. Recalling that moment, he expressed that he felt so grateful to score a point. 

Regarding the trolls, he added, “I got them off my back. Talking on track means a lot to me because these people started switching around. They can start to understand you, start to know you more.”

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