Gen3 Cars, Are They Ready For The Hankook Race In January

Formula E Gen3 cars

The third generation of electric race cars will be used in Hankook, Mexico city ABB FIA Formula E Championship. Preliminary testing was done in Valencia’s Circuit Ricardo Tormo, and overall, drivers from several teams seem satisfied with the performance of Gen3. 

This season totals of 22 Gen3 cars from 11 teams were tested for five days, and the top five fastest cars finished half a second quicker than the fastest Gen2 car. Max Guenther from the Maserati MSG racing team set a Formula E testing lap record of 1m25.127s during the Valencia testing. 

Fans are excited to see the lightest and most efficient electric race car of all time with a 200mph top speed and a 60 kg weight reduction from Gen2.  This is the most energy-efficient race car ever since 40% of the energy used will be produced by regenerative braking. 

Even though big names like Audi and Mercedez pulled out of Formula E, this season can be a turning point for the industry.

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