Volunteer Spotlight: John Schenk

Name: John Schenk

Volunteer Position(s): Docent

I started volunteering in: March 2015 when the museum opened

 Q: What kind of influence has that had on your life?

I’ve had a lifelong admiration of high performance cars.

Q: What makes volunteering at World of Speed meaningful to you?

I appreciate the chance to share my knowledge with other gearheads. I also learn from the other docents and museum guests.

Q: What is the most memorable experience of your time volunteering?

I appreciate the access to extracurricular events such as the unveiling of the third generation of the Ford GT and the display of the early 1920’s Bentley factory race car.

Q: What do you wish other people knew about World of Speed?

I wish more people knew what a gem the museum is here in my hometown of Wilsonville. And, that the exhibits are dynamic, and change every few months so one should become a member and visit often.

Q: If you could choose any vehicle to be displayed in the museum, what would it be?

An original 427 Cobra or a Chrysler 300D a 2nd Gen Ford GT.

Q: What is your dream car?

I have money down on the new Tesla Roadster and hope I outlive the production delays.

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