Education Program

Our mission at World of Speed is to serve a wide range of audiences through varied, interdisciplinary educational programs which integrate studies of history, art, culture, science & technology.

We aim to build our community as an educational resource for local schools, institutions, organizations and groups and by encouraging life-long learning, growth, and a lasting relationship between collaborative public organizations and World of Speed museum.

The Greater Need

World of Speed supports and educates by featuring historic race cars and numerous interactive exhibits to excite and inspire our young people to explore career opportunities in the auto industry. The automotive industry employs nearly 2 million people and it’s ripple effect scales upwards of about eight million jobs. 

Fall 2015 Automotive Fundamentals Class

In conjunction with these automotive roles, there is a subset of professionals working in the performance aftermarket of the racing industry that the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) estimates is worth a total of $30 billion annually. There are many career opportunities not widely recognized like, the chef who prepares meals for the race team, marketing & PR firms that provide advertisement, access and information to the racing world or the women and men who fabricate vehicles and institute racetrack security measures.  Within the auto industry’s wide berth, there exists a myriad of jobs. A typical professional NASCAR team might employ as many as 140 individuals which enables many routes of employment.

World of Speed’s goal is to expose kids and teens to these opportunities and prepare them to enter the work force and/or progress further into specialized education. World of Speed promotes these benefits, while providing our students with a fun, exciting environment in which to learn, improve and grow.

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