Prime Tire And Option Tire In F1

Prime Tire And Option Tire In F1

Prime tire and option are two types of tires used in F1 races. Drivers have to use at least one set of prime tires and one set of option tires during a race. Prime tires have harder rubber compounds and they are more durable. 

On the other hand, option tires have more grip since they are made out of softer rubber compounds. The prime tires are designed to last longer while the option tires degrade faster. 

The tire choice during a race depends on a lot of factors such as weather conditions, characteristics of the circuit, etc. Prime tires and option tires provide optimal performance under varying conditions. 

In an F1 race, each driver can use a maximum of 13 sets of dry-weather tires for the full three-day weekend. Every driver gets two hard sets, three medium sets, and eight soft sets of tires.

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