What Is An Apex In Racing?

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Apex or clipping point is the innermost point in a corner where the driver makes the decision to end the braking zone and start increasing the throttle. To maintain the highest speed through a corner drivers strive to go as close as possible to the apex.

To get a faster lap time, it is crucial to figure out the apex of a corner and hit it. Hitting the apex means the car is going in the straightest line possible while maintaining the highest speed. 

The position of Apex can vary from corner to corner and driving strategy. There is an early apex, late apex, and sometimes even multiple apex points. 

What Is Early Apex?

What Is Early Apex

The early apex is when a driver decides to increase speed earlier in a corner. The early apex will give you high entry speed but exiting the corner safely becomes difficult. It is often considered a driving error.

What is Late Apex?

Late apex is when a driver decides to increase the throttle later in a corner. In a late apex, the entry speed is lower but the car exits at a faster speed. Late Apex is considered the best strategy for racing. This increases the chance of a fast lap during the race.

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