Fans Reminisce “Good Old Days” On Micheal Schumacher’s 54th Birthday


#KeepFightingMichael has been trending on Twitter for Micheal Schumacher’s Birthday. The seven times world champion turns 54 this Tuesday and F1 fans lovingly remember his outstanding moments. 

Micheal Schumacher is the top dog of Motorsports with 306 Starts, 91 Wins, 68 Pole positions, 155 Podiums, 77 Fastest laps, and 7 World titles. Even though he has not been seen in public for a while, he is definitely not out of the minds of Formula 1 fans. 

Now his son Mick Schumacher is signed with the Mercedez F1 team as a reserve driver for W14. Following in the footsteps of his father, F1 followers hope Mick will mark his own path to F1 success.

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