Best Race of 2022!


British GP was voted the best race of 2022 and it was full of drama on track. In this race, one of the most memorable moments was when Alfa Romeo’s Zhou Guanyu was taken into the medical center after a crash and F1 was praised for how it handled the situation.  C

Later in a separate incident Alex Albon from Williams’s was taken into hospital as well. However, nothing serious happened to either of them. Then there was this crash between Yuki and Gasly that earned yuki a penalty and Gasly was forced to retire. 

Verstappen then felt he ran over some carbon and dived into a pit. With that Carloz Sainz won the race and Mich Schumacher scored his first point in F1. To get the trophy Sainz attacked his team mate Lecerc. 

The British GP top five were Carlos Sainz from Ferrari, Sergio Perez from Red Bull, Lewis Hamiton from Mercedez, Charles Lecerc from Ferrari and Fernando Alonso from Alpine.

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