Electric Ram 1500! Sleek Futuristic Pickup Truck

Electric Ram 1500

Needless to say, Ram 1500 is one of the most popular pickup trucks in the USA. So converting this classic with an EV design could potentially stir up the solid fanbase of Ram 1500. The engineers did not just put a motor in to make it electric, the whole platform transformed. 

For once, Ram 1500 EV is shorter in height and looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. When asked about how Ram 1500 plans to blend conservative truck users with futuristic EV enthusiasts the chief designer says, “we’re really trying to make it still a truck that has a bold presence, zero sacrifices to functionality, great visibility, and great usage.”

Talking about truck users the designer says, “They don’t want a frivolous thing. They don’t want something that just tries so hard to look futuristic that it’s kind of lost in itself.” He added, “We see our vehicles as canvases in a way. They’re purposely, I don’t want to say understyled, but we leave a little room with a simpler design. It’s not overwrought with a lot of fussy detail.”

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