Most Successful F1 Team Of All Time!

Even though Red Bull is dominating this year’s race with 759 points, they are technically not the most successful F1 team of all time. Data shows that Ferrari has the most world constructor championship titles, which is 16. After Ferrari, William’s team is in 2nd position with 9 trophies.  

The Constructors’ Championship has been a part of the Formula 1 World Championship since the inception of the series in 1950. The pie chart below shows how different F1 teams have performed over the years.

Constructor Championship F1 chart

In formula 1, 10 teams have to compete using 20 cars and 20 drivers. Since every team has to develop a unique car design, it is an intense battle where only the most technologically advanced team with the best drivers can win. 

Each constructor/ team consists of mechanics, crew members, engineers, and drivers. Even though the main focus in F1 is always on drivers, all teams compete to get the most combined points. The constructor championship comes with a prize.

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