Ferrari Still Dominates F1!

Data shows that Ferrari has the most 1-2 finishes in the history of F1. They have a total of 85 finishes over 73 years of participation in F1. Mercedez has only been in F1 for 13 years, but they already took over McLaren with 59 finishes. Mercedez dominated the turbo-era F1 with the fastest car.

1-2 finish

1-2 finish refers to a situation where the first- and second-place finishers in a race are from the same team. For example, if Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell finish first and second in a race, respectively, it would be considered a 1-2 finish for the Mercedes team. 

A 1-2 finish is considered a strong result for a team, as it means that they have dominated the race and their drivers have taken the top two positions on the podium. It is relatively rare for a team to achieve a 1-2 finish in Formula 1. The competition is typically fierce, and many teams and drivers are vying for the top spots.

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