Who Had A Better Career, Hamilton Or Verstappen?

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This question is quite divisive, and no one has a complete answer. Lewis Hamilton, the 37-year-old British F1 driver for the Mercedez team, has seven championship titles. Hamilton has a 33.23% win rate throughout his career which means he won one out of three races. 

On the other hand, Red bull’s Max Verstappen, who is only 25, has a lower win rate than Hamilton. His win rate is 21.47%, and he has two championship titles. However, in his defense, fans argue that, on average, he had worse cars than Hamilton. 

Today, the win rate shows that Hamilton is doing better than Verstappen. But Max Verstappen has a lot of space to grow since he is still very young.

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  1. Verstappen is very imature and needs to grow up first he is obvious jealous of lewis he cannot keep hiding behind his mothers pinney come onlad gets some back bone stopblaming others foryour own decisions get some bollocks

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