World of Speed’s exhibit features 12 unique Mustangs that show everything a Mustang can be. The original, 1964 and half, shows off its original red leather interior through its open convertible top. The 1967 Autolite-I land speed record Mustang, driven by none other than Mario Andretti, flaunts a unique Ford four-cam Indy motor with an intricately designed exhaust. The exhibit also features the 2019 Trans Am 2 West Coast Champion, Brad McAllister’s, Mustang.


Exhibit leaves March 8!

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The Ford Mustang is one of the most beloved and successful American cars of all time. Designed to appeal to the automotive market of the mid-1960s – particularly the growing class of young working women – it took the form of a compact, affordable, and sporty car. Released halfway through 1964, the Mustang was an instant hit and after more than five decades in constant production, is one of the best-selling cars in history.

Far from being just a breezy, attractive car, the Mustang has always offered performance-oriented options, such as a strong V-8 engine, for those looking to harness certifiable power. In fact, ever since Carroll Shelby first modified a Mustang, the GT350 in 1965, it has been a winning platform for racing. The Mustang was as groundbreaking for Ford as the Model T and has gone on to become a cultural icon and a hero in racing.

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